Purchased Property for Medical Innovation park

MPC purchased land on 7th Line of Oro-Medonte. The idea is that it would make Canada a self sufficient supplier of medical supplies such as personal protective equipment, personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizer, and even vaccine research, development and production. This was in response to Canada’s lack of..Read More

Decision to Develop Face Shield

On March 18th, 2020, Molded Precision Components decided that to contribute to the COVID crisis and to keep business running, they would develop a face shield product. On this day, MPC President David Yeaman reached out to then-customer Sterling Industries to discuss a collaboration between the two companies.

NGEN Grant Awarded for Retooling

With a product design established and 3D-printed prototypes in production, we were awarded a $5M grant from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGEN) along with other Canadian manufacturers to assist with retooling costs.

Patent Pending for Shield-U Design

About a week after the government called on Canadian manufacturers to re-tool to make PPE, we had designed and patented a PPE face shield called Shield-U. Learn more about Shield-U